Gallipoli Again – Angel

Celebrations are important and it’s good to acknowledge achievements, no matter how big or small. After an intense and busy couple of months, that was exactly what our evening out at Gallipoli Again was. A time to relax, catch up and reflect on the successes of the past few months. Gallipoli Again is part of…

Sea Fish – Angel

It has been a while since the Rate My Bistro team have been out together to review a place. Normally, we may just head to one of our many favourite places. This time, fish and chips was the food of choice for a late lunch. As we happened to be in Angel, it seemed like…

The Gate – Angel

Sometimes, we take it for granted when we live close to our friends. The regular meet ups, popping over to each other’s houses and going for that cup of tea. But when they move away to a different area, then it makes us realise how much we miss those casual get togethers. After a couple…

Dolcetto – Angel

As you walk up Chapel Market, Dolcetto is a great unexpected find. The atmosphere is warm and it is one of those places that looks inviting and makes you want to go in.

Jamie’s Italian – Angel

It has become an annual event to go see a Christmas show. This year, it was Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty. A slightly dark take on the classic fairytale with amazing dancers and sets. After our festive show, it was time to fill our tummies. As we were in Angel, there were quite a few choices. The consensus was to go for Italian food and what better place to head to, than Jamie’s Italian.

Kipferl – Angel

For something a bit different, head to Kipferl, situated in the quirky Camden Passage. This Austrian/Viennese cafe has a relaxed feel to it. The cafe area is at the front and the small restaurant area is at the back. The cake counter divides the two areas. The restaurant area is casual too. There are a few seats outdoors.

The Brasserie on St John St – Angel

A beautiful hot summer’s day meant a lovely day to be dining al fresco. The outdoor area at this restaurant was enclosed by hedges, so it really did not feel like we were close to the main road.

Ziloufs – Angel

A late Friday afternoon is how we ended up at Ziloufs! We weren’t sure what we were expecting when we went into Ziloufs. We were after a relaxed afternoon with some tea! Surprisingly, Ziloufs was a spacious place with a separate dining area and another area near to the bar. There was plenty of light coming into…

Euphorium Bakery – Angel

Euphorium Bakery is an extremely busy and popular one. Heading here on a weekend, it was pretty full, even though it had seating on the ground level and additional seating on a lower level too. It seemed like it was one of those places that if you saw an empty seat, you should grab it, otherwise it would get taken up fairly quickly.

Madam Chi Coffee Lounge – Angel

It is refreshing to have a coffee lounge that is open late into the evening and it’s all thanks to Madam Chi. At least you can go here and not have to worry about the time.

Lakorn Thai – Angel

Lakorn Thai is an average Thai restaurant close to the Sadlers Wells Theatre in Islington. The food is not outstanding nor is it bad.

The Blue Legume – Angel

The Blue Legume has never been noticed by myself, the many times that I have walked along Upper Street. It has a unique characteristic blue aubergine-like vegetable artefact as part of its sign.