Petrus – Stockholm

Following the scent of freshly baked bread from down the street, leads you to the lovely Petrus. The bakery may be small but it has plenty of good looking bread loaves, buns, sandwiches and traditional Swedish produce.

Aso Konditori & Bageri – Stockholm

An early Sunday morning in Stockholm gave us the chance to head to a recommended bakery for breakfast. Seen as it was the season for Semla, there was no doubt what we were going to have.

Orkide – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

Orkide is a great Thai restaurant in lively Sodermalm. As you enter, they have the bar area and then the dining area is on either side. The restaurant is spacious with purple decor. The seating is comfortable with sofa style seats along the back wall. The other chairs are purple and are cushioned. There is also…

Bakfickan – Stockholm (Norrmalm)

Bakfickan is located inside Stockholm’s Royal Opera House. Before entering the restaurant, I’m not totally sure what I was expecting, maybe something quite big and formal.

Caffe Nero – Stockholm (Vasastaden)

First thing that I have to say is that this Caffe Nero is not the same as the chain of Caffe Nero’s that we have in the UK. It has the same name but that’s where all the similarities stop.

A La Crepe – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

A La Crepe is a lovely place to come for pancakes, sweet and savoury. The seats were surrounded by patterned cushions against huge windows. It’s nice that on a hot day that they fully open these windows.

Bla Porten Cafe – Stockholm (Djurgarden)

On the gorgeous picturesque island of Djurgarden is this sweet cafe. I only discovered Bla Porten as I saw these dark iron gates which were framing a contrasting lush green area.

Nem Nem Quan – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

As you enter Nem Nem Quan, some of the seating area is divided by lush green bamboo plants. This Vietnamese restaurant is a busy one. The first time we went there, it was full and the staff weren’t sure how long we would have to wait for a table.

Shanti – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

Sodermalm is a lively and quirky area of Stockholm, but it’s nice that Shanti is located in the quieter part of this island. Saying that, it is only a short walk from the centre area of Sodermalm.

Chokladkoppen – Stockholm (Gamla Stan)

On one of the main squares in Gamla Stan is this wonderful cafe. Chokladkoppen is quite easy to spot; just look for the two tall colourful buildings, and the orange one is the one that you want. It is a fantastic cafe to sit and watch the world go by, especially on a hot sunny day.