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What I like about Cafe Rouge is that you can come here just for drinks or for a proper meal. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff don’t rush you in any manner. The red and white furniture complements the dark wooden surroundings. It does feel like a bistro that you would get in France!

The tea is always served by the pot and the coffee is also of a good quality. The butter biscuits are a nice accompaniment if you just want something small to go with the hot drinks.

Cafe Rouge do a soup of the day and the one that was on offer when we went was red pepper and aubergine soup. It was a  flavoursome soup with big chunks of aubergine. The soup came with half a baguette which was very fresh. A filling starter that could easily satisfy as a main meal.

Another good starter is the warm ciabatta style breadsticks which comes with three dips: hummus, tomato and aioli. You also get a  small amount of salad. The amount of dips is fairly small, but it suffices.

To finish the meal, a good choice is the assortment of desserts. These are smaller portions of the creme brulee, red fruit crumble and chocolate ganache. None of them disappointed and it was nice to get a taster of them all!

Cafe Rouge, 6-7 South Grove, Highgate, London, N6 6BP

Rating: ★★★★☆
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  1. Dina says:

    Cafe Rouge has a new spring/summer menu! It still has a lot of its original items.

    The dips for the warm breadsticks have been changed to tapenade, pesto mayonnaise and aioli. There is also a great light dish of mushroom, tarragon and caramalised onion quiche which is served with fries or potato salad.

  2. Dina says:

    A refreshing drink that can be had at Cafe Rouge is the citron presse. This is a bit like a “make your own drink”! You are given a glass with freshly squeezed lemon and then you add your sugar syrup (to your taste) and top it up with water! Sit back on a summer’s day and enjoy this chilled drink!

    A nice lunchtime vegetarian option is the Tarte Aux Epinards. This is a puff pastry tart with a filling of creamed spinach and Parmesan. It tasted a lot like quiche!

    For a sweet treat, the banana and chocolate combination never fails! Cafe Rouge do a crepe filled with sliced banana, topped with warm chocolate sauce and, of course, a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Just as yummy as it sounds!

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