Lobsterfest 2011!


Belgo has launched its Lobsterfest for 2011! This year, on the menu is Lobster Bisque, Grilled Whole Lobster and Surf and Turf! If you fancy sampling these delights, head to any branch of Belgo before the 30th June!

And now for a few facts about lobsters, just for your interest!

Lobsters have ten legs and they swim backwards!

The average life of a lobster is 50 years!

Lobsters are omnivores and they are solitary creatures!

A lobster has 20000 eyes!

Lobster’s teeth are found inside its stomach!

A hennie is a female lobster carrying eggs!

The largest lobster ever caught weighed 44.4lbs (20.14kgs) and it was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada!

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