Megan’s Delicatessen – Chelsea

Megan’s Deli is the perfect place for a Sunday brunch. This café is small and cute and has small seating areas over a couple of floors. What makes this café special is if you head down the steep stairs, it opens out into a little outdoor garden area.

Cafe De La Paix – Chelsea

If you want a good range of teas and hot drinks, then Cafe De La Paix is right up your street! They have the regular tea bag teas, herbal teas, coffees, soy milk, but they also have a few extra special teas! It was difficult to decide between the chai tea and the mint tea…

Bluebird Cafe – Chelsea

Bluebird Cafe makes up just one part of the Bluebird Courtyard, which includes the cafe, restaurant, shop and bakery. It has a lovely outdoor seating area with the heaters to stop you getting chilly.

Tampopo – Chelsea

Tampopo’s slogan is “fresh Eastern cooking” and that is what they deliver. Their cuisine ranges from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. The service was really friendly and the waiter came and made sure that all the food was ok. The staff were very helpful and answered all my questions about the…