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Hi and welcome to Rate My Bistro.

This website is dedicated to bringing you honest first hand reviews of cafes, bistros and restaurants from around the world.

Rate My Bistro was conceived over coffee by two best friends, Lee and Dina. The original idea behind it was that we wanted to have a note of all the coffee shops, bistros and restaurants that we had visited and which ones would be worth visiting again. It was going to be noted down in a notebook and we didn’t even think that we would make it into a website.

One of the main reasons for this idea was that whenever there was going to be a meet up with family or friends, I could never think of any good cafes, bistros or restaurants. This would result in us all going to the same old places, time after time. It’s only after our gatherings that I would remember other great places that we could have gone to instead.

So, then with no real planning at all, ratemybistro.co.uk was registered. Together with a pen, paper and some coffee money, the start of the Rate My Bistro adventure began.

In autumn 2021, a new addition of Foodie Adventures was added to Rate My Bistro. The Foodie Adventures section showcases salt free, oil free, sugar free recipes.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and reading our variety of reviews and recipes! Feel free to get in touch with us to suggest places to review or to comment on any of our reviews.

Thank you for visiting Rate My Bistro.

Dina xx

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