Tartiflette Celeriac


The celeriac is cooked in one tray with mushrooms, green beans and onions. The sauce is made from cottage cheese, egg and milk.

Recipe (low salt, oil free):
Serves 2-3,
Onion thinly sliced – 1
Celeriac cut into thick matchsticks – 1/4
Mushrooms cut into quarters – 150g
Garlic clove crushed – 1
Garlic clove sliced – 1
Green beans chopped – 100g
Fat free cottage cheese – 1tbsp and 1/2tbsp
Egg whisked – 1
Almond milk – 120ml
Mustard powder – 1tsp
Dried sage – 1tsp
Cracked black pepper – 1/8tsp
Fresh thyme leaves – 1tbsp
Fresh parsley chopped – 2tbsp

Oven temperature 180°C
Air fryer temperature 180°C

Put the celeriac, onions, garlic, green beans, mushrooms, mustard powder, black pepper, sage, parsley and thyme leaves into a tray. Mix everything together.
For the oven, roast for 15 minutes.
For the air fryer, roast for 10 minutes.
Mix the cottage cheese with the egg and milk. Add the mushrooms to the cooked vegetables. Mix in the cottage cheese mixture.
For the oven, roast for a further 8 minutes.
For the air fryer, roast for a further 5 minutes

Original recipe:
Chicken Tartiflette by Mary Berry

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  1. Thank you for your comment. I understand where you are coming from. Our version of this dish is influenced by tartiflette and has been adapted to make it suit dietary requirements of some of our readers. Hence there is less salt and extra vegetables in our recipe.

  2. Ms Craddock says:

    Celeriac is an acceptable alternative to potato here, but quite fundamentally, tartiflette has reblochon cheese, and dairy – lots and lots of it. No beans, mushrooms etc. I don’t rate this bistro I’m afraid. If I ordered an omelette and it was made it with beetroot instead of eggs, it would not be be an omelette….

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