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Bar 163 – Egham

If you’re looking for reasonably priced traditionally cooked food served in a warm friendly atmosphere, then Bar 163 in Egham should fit the bill. The exterior of the building looks very Victorian to me, while inside you’ve got a good mix of antique and modern furnishing. A strange choice of combination, but it really does go well together.

Hamlet Cafe – Hornsey Road, Islington

I have walked past this cafe every day for months, and never gave it a second look until now. Maybe it’s because secretly I’m a snob, or maybe it’s because I have a tendency to judge a cafe based on it’s neighbourhood. Whatever my reasons for not trying this cafe before today, I’ve learnt these two valuable lessons…one, never judge a cafe by it’s neighbourhood and two, stop being such a snob!

Space For Rent

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Melbury & Appleton – Muswell Hill

This gem of a place was recommended to me by my friend Joan Podel, and to be honest I wasn’t that keen on reviewing it at first.  Why? Simply because in my experience this type of deli often leave the food out in the open for everyone and their kids to poke and sneeze into,…

Hot Gossip Cafe – Kingsway

Located conveniently right next to the LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) the Hot Gossip Cafe is the perfect hangout for students and busy office workers in need of a clean tidy place to relax.  There is plenty of seating, lots of food, drinks and snacks to choose from.  The staff are friendly…

Cafe Leo – Sheen Lane

I found myself at Sheen Lane again this week and decided to try the bacon and egg rolls offered by Cafe Leo.