Lemon & Thyme – Exmouth Market

Set in a very trendy part of London called Exmouth Market is a bistro called Lemon & Thyme.  The food looked ok, but something persuaded me not to try anything and I ordered a cup of coffee which I didn’t finish because it tasted so weak and bitter, not to mention it was served to me in a cheap paper cup!

Lemon & Thyme, Exmouth Market, Islington, London, EC1R

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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  1. Dina says:

    Lemon and Thyme looked inviting enough from the outside but after entering, it was a different story. It was a bistro but it was also an organic food store which was very run down and lacking of produce.

    I agree with you about the food too. In the open fridge that was used to store the milk and other dairy produce (for customers to help themselves), there was one of the whole cakes just sitting there. It wasn’t covered or in any protective container. Didn’t seem to tempt my taste buds when I saw that.

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