Bellillo – Naples

When the pizza craving occurs, it is a bonus to be in Naples-the city of the Neapolitan pizza. People say you can never have a bad pizza in Naples. The heart was set on dining at a small local pizzeria but unfortunately they had two big party bookings that evening, so were unable to accommodate. Hence, another recommended pizzeria was set upon.

Bellillo is a modern pizza place. Big canvas pictures hang on the brick exposed walls. The restaurant is clean and spacious. White marble tables contrast the dark chairs. The entrance area is where the pizza magic happens in the pizza oven. Soft upbeat music plays in the background. The staff are friendly and give lovely efficient service. The cutlery comes in its own individually wrapped package already set on the table.

The classic Margherita was picked so that the flavour of the tomatoes and cheese would come through. The pizza was huge. The Margherita was made with quality ingredients of organic tomatoes, fior di latte cheese from Argerola in Sorrento, 24 months seasoned reggiano parmesan, Cilento EVO oil (cammarotana variety) and basil.

Just the aroma of the pizza when it arrived on the table, made it so that I couldn’t wait to dig into it. Pillowy soft dough, stringy melted cheese, all brought together by the tasty tomato sauce. Pure joy! The pizza may have been big but it was definitely not hard to finish. The simple Margherita was thoroughly enjoyed.

Bellillo uses so many quality ingredients. The map on the table mat shows where the ingredients are from. This is also stated on the menu. There are fried pizzas in the menu if you fancy giving them a go.

Bellillo, Via Agostino Depretis 114-124, 80133 Naples

Rating: ★★★★★

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