Caffe Nero – Stockholm (Vasastaden)

First thing that I have to say is that this Caffe Nero is not the same as the chain of Caffe Nero’s that we have in the UK. It has the same name but that’s where all the similarities stop.

On display were the colourful range of pastries and sweet things, all of which looked very tempting. If sweet food is not up your street, then there are ready prepared sandwiches in the counter fridge. These could be toasted and they had various fillings which looked fresh.

We were looking at what we thought were cakes/eclairs in one of the glass cabinets. But when it came to ordering, the staff told us that these cakes were actually frozen desserts. So that narrowed down our choices, but we still had a lot that we could choose from.

Tea was a perfect way to start the day. Caffe Nero had red, green and black tea, so I had the caffeine free red tea. It was served by the cup with fresh tea leaves. I was glad that I was given a large cup.

Caffe Nero had a range of mini pastries, biscuits and the like. Instead of going for one pastry, I had a couple of items. One was a cylindrical biscuit covered in chopped nuts and a creamy hazelnut filling. The biscuit was not too crisp and not too soft either; just very yummy.

My second delight was a mini apricot tart. I wasn’t a big fan of this item as the layer of jam was too thick. Even though it was small, a couple of bites was enough for me.

At first when we walked into Caffe Nero, it looked like it only had the few seats at the front. But then, as we walked further by the counter, we saw that the seating area extended round to the back, so that the counter actually became the centre of the cafe. Each area had different coloured seats.

Caffe Nero had a relaxed atmosphere and the staff were nice. They gave service with a smile. One thing was that there was no visible menu for the drinks. It would also have been better if all the food had been covered or had been behind the counter, as some of it was and some of it wasn’t.

Caffe Nero, Roslagsgatan 4, Vasastaden, 11325 Stockholm

Rating: ★★★½☆

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