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As the name suggests, Kashmiri Aroma is all about the cuisine and flavours from Kashmir. From the outside, the restaurant looks a bit like a country pub. The interior is big and seems to extend out to different sectioned areas. Ornate wooden style paintings decorate the walls.

A safe starter and one that gives variety is the Special Vegetable Mix. Grilled garlic mushrooms, onion bhajis, samosas, vegetable and paneer pakoras all had good flavours in this platter. It came with some salad.

The Mixed Vegetable Hyderabadi had a wonderful creaminess due the fresh cream and yogurt but also a slight tanginess from the tomatoes and the spices. Lots of paneer cubes made up the Paneer Chilli. This was also a fairly rich dish with a dense tomato gravy. The Aloo Baingan had chunky aubergine pieces and baby potatoes. Aubergine and potatoes always makes for a good match. All of the dishes were of a good portion.

Fresh hot naans and pilau rice were the perfect accompaniments to the meal. The only thing with the food at Kashmiri Aroma was that it was all fairly spicy and had a lot of heat to it, even though they were only marked as medium spice level on the menu.

Kashmiri Aroma disappointed us with their level of their service. The staff were polite and friendly. Saying that though, our dining experience felt very rushed. As soon as the starters were finished, the mains were brought us without even a few minutes in between the courses. The staff were waiting around near us while we were having the starters so that they could clear up and bring out the next course as soon as we were done. It was unfortunate to have such an experience at Kashmiri Aroma as we had called when booking to make sure that dining at their restaurant wouldn’t be a rushed meal.

Kashmiri Aroma, Coutance Way, Burley-In-Wharfdale, Ilkley, LS29 7HQ

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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