Le Trimaran – Nice, France

A mother and daughter team seemed to be running the fantastic creperie Le Trimaran. They were constantly busy with not a moment to spare. In between taking orders, clearing tables, washing up and making the food, they gave such good service and were friendly.

Le Trimaran consists of an open kitchen and a small relaxed cosy dining area. There were locals, families and tourists all getting their fix of the delicious crepes. Colourful seating and parasols make up the outdoor eating area with boards displaying the menus of galettes, crepes, salads and omelettes.

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The menu made our choices a little bit easier as there was a set menu where you had a choice of a savoury galette and a sweet crepe. The La Ratatouille galette had the fillings of cheese, egg and ratatouille vegetables. The galette was made from buckwheat flour and the tomato based vegetables worked well with the cheese and egg. Chunks of aubergine, courgette and peppers were the ratatouille vegetables.

When the menu stated that there was egg as the filling, I assumed that it would be scrambled egg or even hard boiled egg. So there was a bit of a surprise when the La Ratatouille galette was served and it contained a runny fried egg. The staff were so accommodating when I explained that a fully cooked yolk would be preferred. They took the galette away and recooked it so the egg was properly cooked. The mother of the team came and made sure that it was to my liking. It was really lovely that the staff showed genuine care towards us and they wanted the food to be right.

The sweet crepes were a lot lighter than the galettes and just as delicious. Seeing lemons growing on trees the day before made me want to try the simple lemon crepes. Together with sugar and cinnamon, the tart lemon taste still came through.

The homemade salted butter caramel crepe had a wonderful richness to it. You can never go wrong with the classic nutella crepe too.

Le Trimaran is a great place to come for classic crepes. All of the food that we had was so fresh and tasty. If we had discovered it earlier, it sure would have been visited again and again!

Le Trimaran, 13 Place Saint-Francois, 06300, Nice

Rating: ★★★★★

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