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A nice impromptu weekend treat was going for lunch with my neighbours. It is really great when you get to know your neighbours and they become close friends. It’s nice when you get to spend proper time with them. Staying local is a bonus; it takes no time at all to get to the restaurant and no time to return home after the meal.

Yellow tablecloths covered the dining tables at Nid Ting. This is contrasted by the blue theme going through the restaurant. There is a slightly raised level where there is a decorated bar like area.

A basket of crispy prawn crackers were given while we were deciding on our order. To start with, the Kang Chud Pak clear vegetable soup was chosen. This was a really light but flavoursome soup. The soup had slices of carrots, baby corn and mushroom in it. It was a small portion but that was okay as it meant that we would have room for the main meal.

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The Tempura Pak was the other starter dish that we had to share. Broccoli, mushrooms, onions and peppers were deep fried in a light batter. It was nice enough but I always find that there is nothing too exciting about tempura.

After asking the staff which of the curries would be mild, the Green Vegetable Curry was chosen. This was a surprisingly spicy dish and I was disappointed as I had specified for a mild curry. It was hard to distinguish the flavours due to the spiciness of the curry. The vegetables that made up the curry were aubergine, carrots, bamboo shoots, mange tout and baby corn. It was a shame that the curry was too spicy, as it was a meal that I was looking forward to.  Plain steamed rice was had with the curry and this seemed to mellow it out slightly.

The Red Vegetable Curry was identical to the green one, except that it was even spicier. My friends were saying that even though they liked spicy food, this one definitely had some heat to it.

A better choice was the Tao Hu Ob Woon Sen. This dish was served in a clay pot and it was made of thin noodles, beancurd and coriander. It had a great taste to it and it is one dish that I would have again.

The staff were friendly but I wouldn’t say that they were too knowledgeable about the dishes. When we asked about how the soup was made, they said that they did not know. I guess it was better that they were honest rather than tell us something that wasn’t true.

A teapot of boiling water was served to me when I ordered the Jasmine Tea. I had to have a double take as I thought that surely I wouldn’t be just served water. The staff apologised when I told them about the error and they replaced it with the correct tea. All the plates, bowls and tea sets were matching with a blue and white design.

Nid Ting was an average Thai restaurant. Some of the food was enjoyable and maybe if we had tried some other different dishes, then we would have been more impressed. It is nice that at least we tried out a local place but the highlight was more the company than the food.

Nid Ting, 533 Holloway Road, Holloway, London, N19 4BT

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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  1. Kitty says:

    Also a local to me, I used to love Nid Ting, but then the quality seemed to slip. I was thinking about going again, but what you described is similar to my last time, so will maybe give a miss. A shame. as I said, it used to be brilliant, and much needed – not many good places in Archway.

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