Pasticceria Mennella – Naples

By making the most of the bright blue sky sunny day with a gorgeous walk along the Lungomare, the morning coffee was missed. It was worth it though as beautiful views of the castle and Mount Vesuvius were taken in. A walk around the Chiaia and Santa Lucia district allowed a stop off at Pasticceria Mennella. It is not the done thing to have milky coffee after midday but a cappuccino was needed.

Pasticceria Mennella did a tasty decaf soy cappuccino. Luckily instead of standing at the cafe bar, a small table inside was vacant. To go with the coffee, there were too many pastries to choose from. The frolla al limone was a crumbly and buttery shortbread. The creamy lemon filling was not at all tart. The sciu with crema di nicciola was devoured with the coffee. This choux pastry was filled with a light hazelnut chocolate cream. Both of the treats were absolutely delightful.

The bonus of Pasticceria Mennella is that all of their ingredients are 100% natural and no preservatives or artificial additives are used. Mennella also does gelato. Their shops can be seen dotted around all over Naples.  Try the Mennella Roc which is their cookies and cream gelato. For even more indulgence, ask for it with panna (cream).

Pasticceria Mennella, Via Giosue Carducci 50-52, Naples

Rating: ★★★★☆

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