Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata is a Portuguese custard tart. They are best when they are warm and ever so moreish. Our favourite place for the Pastel de Nata has to be Canela Cafe in Covent Garden.

Andronicas World of Coffee – Covent Garden

If you are looking for this coffee shop, then do not expect to see a sign saying Andronicas outside of it. Instead look for a neon lit Espresso Bar sign in the window. After a lot of time walking up and down Floral Street several times and getting blank responses from neighbouring shops when asked…

Joe Allen – Covent Garden

If you didn’t know that Joe Allen was along this very small quiet side street, it would not be the obvious place to look for a restaurant. It is hidden away from the all the main restaurants in Covent Garden. Joe Allen is on the lower ground floor and the red brick walls leading to…

Sagar – Covent Garden

When a friend came over from Europe in December, I got to see her briefly for an early evening catch up. But it was so short as time was a real factor. So I was happy that the next day both of us and her friend were free to do a relaxed Indian lunch in Covent Garden.

Mishkin’s – Covent Garden

A big thank you goes out to my friend who introduced me to Miskin’s just before the Christmas break. He suggested trying this new restaurant when we decided to have a festive catch up.

Benito’s Hat – Covent Garden

Benito’s Hat has a colourful and vibrant interior with an orange and green theme. These fresh and striking colours are reflected in the food. There’s a funky mural on the back wall towards the bar area of the restaurant. All these elements set the theme of a relaxed eatery.

Hazuki – Covent Garden

It’s quite easy to walk past Hazuki and not notice it, as it’s on the corner of a busy street. But, Hazuki is worthwhile noticing, as it has some of the best Japanese food.

Circus – Covent Garden

There is no major sign indicating the property of Circus. All we saw were some black doors that were open and then looking inside, we could see that there was some sort of dining area. It’s only when we went inside the building, that there was the Circus sign in lights on one of the entrance walls.

Carluccios – Covent Garden

This is Carluccios flagship restaurant and it is spread over two floors. The entrance and interior reminded me of a grand home. It has high ceilings, stone floors and a big spiral staircase. We were seated on the upper level, which looked like the private dining area. There are huge windows that overlook the surrounding streets of Covent Garden. It felt like we were dining in a stately home.

Wahaca – Covent Garden

Wahaca calls itself Mexican market eating. This restaurant is located below street level. It all looks bright with a turquoise colour theme, wood panelling and bare concrete walls.

Sway Bar and Kitchen – Holborn

Sway is quite a trendy looking place from the outside and we were welcomed by the friendly smiling staff as soon as we entered. The restaurant area is on the same floor as the bar but is separated by a small divide. Take a look at the fresh fish fridge as you walk to your…