Dolcetto – Angel

As you walk up Chapel Market, Dolcetto is a great unexpected find. The atmosphere is warm and it is one of those places that looks inviting and makes you want to go in.

Lakorn Thai – Angel

Lakorn Thai is an average Thai restaurant close to the Sadlers Wells Theatre in Islington. The food is not outstanding nor is it bad.

Browns Bar & Brasserie – Angel

Browns feels more like a restaurant but you can go here just for drinks. There are wicker seats near the window, seats along the bar, and then there’s the big dining area. It has quite a nice relaxed atmosphere with its jazz music softly playing in the background. The atmosphere is also created by its soft lighting and dark wood decor.

Med Kitchen – Angel

For some unknown reason, Med Kitchen has not been one of those places that I have wanted to try. I’m not sure why this has been the case for so long. But I’m so glad that we went to this restaurant and gave it a go. We really did have such a pleasant dining experience at this particular Med Kitchen in Islington.

Hamlet Cafe – Hornsey Road, Islington

I have walked past this cafe every day for months, and never gave it a second look until now. Maybe it’s because secretly I’m a snob, or maybe it’s because I have a tendency to judge a cafe based on it’s neighbourhood. Whatever my reasons for not trying this cafe before today, I’ve learnt these two valuable lessons…one, never judge a cafe by it’s neighbourhood and two, stop being such a snob!

Stage Door Cafe – Sadlers Wells Theatre Islington

This is a nice enough cafe next door to the Sadlers Wells Theatre. At first, it looks like they only have a few of the high metal tables and chairs by the counter. But at the back, it opens out into the garden court area. This is indoors and is very light and airy. The…