The Colonnade – Little Venice

It was ideal to go for Afternoon Tea with my friend who had first introduced me to the special indulgent world of this British ritual many years ago. Since that day, Afternoon Tea has been one of my favourite things to do.

Raoul’s Cafe – Little Venice

Raoul’s Cafe is definitely the place to come┬áto for Sunday brunch. The cafe was so busy and full when we went there on this particular Sunday. We thought that we would be waiting a really long time for a table. So we were pleasantly surprised when we were seated within five or so minutes.

Cafe Laville – Little Venice

This is a romantic little cafe which has beautiful views overlooking the canal. Perfect for a sunny day! The coffee and tea were good, with the tea┬ábeing served by the pot. Soy milk is available. The food looked very tasty and we were definitely tempted by it. The staff were very friendly and the service…