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This is a cute Thai restaurant, which when you enter looks really small. We thought that it only had the four or so tables/booths. So we were surprised when we asked for a table, we were taken downstairs. I just assumed that the downstairs area would be the whole of the kitchen! On the lower level, Thai Pepper opens out into its main restaurant area with lots more seating.

The food seemed fresh as it took them a little time to make it.  The vegetarian dumplings were really tasty and you got six of them, so enough to share! Even though it said on the menu that they were steamed, they had crispy edges, so I’m not sure if they had been fried a little. Either way, they were good and they went well with the fried garlic and soya sauce.

It was a tough choice to decide whether to go for the Thai green curry with rice or the Pad Thai! Finally, I decided to go for the vegetarian Pad Thai noodles! Great fried rice noodles with carrots, bamboo shoots, baby corn, egg and crushed peanuts. This dish was just a bit too saucy towards the end of the dish. If I had to change anything about the Pad Thai is that I would make it a little less sweet and also I would add some tofu to it.

Thai Pepper is a small intimate restaurant with lovely friendly staff. One thing to note is that Thai Pepper is only open during the evenings and not in the day time.

Thai Pepper, 115 Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage, London, NW3 6HY

Rating: ★★★½☆
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