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Vivo had a wonderful range of Italian food organised and displayed in its covered glass 14 metre counter. The food display started off with calzone pizzas, then came the black soup cauldrons, followed by the anti pasti items, salads, cakes and then finally the wines. All of the food looked fresh and of a high quality.

The soft lighting and the jazz music made dining at Vivo a relaxed experience. There was a gentle hum about the place. The staff kept the whole area clean and tidy. There were wooden panels on the counter wall and also stone walls. A terrace was on the upper level. Comfy backed cushioned stools made up the seating and there were big and small tables. The bar was at the far end.

Originally, we came to Vivo for coffee but then we were tempted by the sight and aroma of the food. There was so much variety of the food and it felt like there was something for everyone. On the menu, there was pizza, pasta, meats, seafood, desserts and gelato. Vivo also does takeaway.

A super choice was the Antipasto Italiano. Delicious creamy burrata, slices of Parma ham and green olives were presented to us on a slate plate. Two soft chunks of pizza bread were freshly baked focaccia bread. As we had ordered at the counter, our eyes were attracted to the buffalo chicken. Succulent tender chicken thighs had been marinated in paprika and had a cornflake covering. It came with a really spicy buffalo side sauce. The Antipasto Italiano together with the big portion of chicken made for a substantial amount of food.

The Vivo staff were extremely friendly and gave great service. It was nice that the staff came and informed diners that orders were to be placed at the counter. They also didn’t mind me sitting for a while and not ordering until my friend got there.

Vivo provided a great setting for a lovely impromptu belated birthday treat and get together. It had everything just right from its high quality food, good atmosphere to the great staff. Next time together with the food, coffee will have to be tried.

Vivo, 57/58 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0NY

Rating: ★★★★★
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