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A late Friday afternoon is how we ended up at Ziloufs! We weren’t sure what we were expecting when we went into Ziloufs. We were after a relaxed afternoon with some tea!

Surprisingly, Ziloufs was a spacious place with a separate dining area and another area near to the bar. There was plenty of light coming into the bar area due to the glass front of Ziloufs. It was nice that there were cosy leather sofas, just what we were looking for!

Ziloufs did serve tea and they did it by the pot! The Earl Grey tea was good. The latte was made of strong coffee and it had a good depth to it.

We had some double cooked potato wedges to snack on. These were served in a big bowl and were steaming hot. It came with some wasabi mayonnaise. I wasn’t too sure if the combination of the wasabi and mayonnaise would work. I thought that the wasabi may give too much heat to the mayonnaise. Actually, the two worked really well together. We were totally satisfied with the wedges and the wasabi mayonnaise!

The staff were really nice and friendly and let us take our time even though we were only having drinks and snacks! It didn’t take long for Ziloufs to get really busy as the afternoon became evening!

Ziloufs, 270 Upper Street, London, N1 2UQ

Rating: ★★★★★
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