Bird Thais – Amsterdam

Bird Thais restaurant has been awarded the “Thai Select” seal of approval for Thai cuisine. The restaurant was very busy even though it is spread over two levels. They also have a very small cafe across the road.

The decor is quite pretty with flowers on the windowsill. Coloured fairy lights decorate a fake roof by the windows. Seating on the upper level looks out onto the street. One thing is that the temperature in the restaurant, on both levels was really quite hot. The staff provide friendly service.

The curry was tempting to order but I wasn’t sure if it would be too spicy. Instead, the Pad Thai Tahoe was ordered. Bird Thais take on the Pad Thai was good. The food was freshly cooked and steaming. It was a big portion of rice noodles, broccoli, spring onions, tofu and beansprouts. Even though it was not as tangy as other Pad Thai dishes had in the past, it definitely did not lack flavour.

The food at Bird Thais hit the spot. The generous portion was moreish and quite a dent was made in it. It helped to refuel the body after all of the walking and travelling.

Bird Thais Restaurant, Zeedijk 72 72, 1012 BA, Amsterdam

Rating: ★★★★☆

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