La Bottega del Caffe – Venice

To escape the sudden downpour near the Rialto Bridge, La Bottega del Caffe was entered. Actually, we all welcomed the sit down and some time for tea, coffee and cake.

La Bottega del Caffe had a setting which felt grand and a bit theatre like. Round white table clothed tables had red cushioned chairs with gold frames. The tables were fairly close to each other.

The food and drinks selection was given to us on a big silver tray with additional glasses of water. The sweet ginger peach tea came in an individual box. For the tea, there was a plate that had sections for the teapot, cup, tea and biscuits. The sharpness of the ginger complemented the sweet fruity peach.

The Dolce al Pistachhio was a cakey pistachio biscuit with chocolate and topped with whole nuts. The Fornarina al Cioccolato was a chocolate filled pastry with plenty of additional chocolate chips as a topping. Both were delicious and were big enough to share. They had the right level of sweetness and were not too heavy.

La Bottega del Caffe gave us just what we needed. A relaxed and tasty afternoon rest with some lovely teas and sweet treats.

La Bottega del Caffe, Campo dei Frari, 3014, 30100, Venice

Rating: ★★★★☆

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