Pizza Express Makeover!


Pizza Express is undergoing a real change at the moment! Pizza Express in Richmond recently opened its newly refurbished restaurant.

Gone away are the standard tables and chairs that used to be Pizza Express. It now has a light, airy and much more colourful feel to it! There is a selection of seating, including some cosy booths too!

The kitchen area has been named the “Living Lab” and it is a huge open kitchen, where you can see the Pizza chefs showcase their skills!

There is also an area like an Italian deli store, where you can buy lots of yummy goodies! New additions have been made to the menu. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat with fresh strawberry milkshakes, grape bread, dough balls with nutella, and that’s just to mention a few!

Other Pizza Express restaurants are also going to have makeovers in the very near future!

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