Rendezvous – Leicester Square

You can’t miss Rendezvous in Leicester Square with its green neon sign and the big ice cream cone at the front of the entrance. Although Rendezvous is in the heart of the West End and in one of the tourist spots of London, it wasn’t that busy when we went there. They have a huge range of ice-creams and frozen yoghurts, all displayed in the front counter fridge.

We had the waffle with kiwi frozen yoghurt and banoffee ice cream. The waffle was quite disappointing as it was just microwaved. I’m not sure if it was because the waffle was stale or if it was because it had been over microwaved, but it resulted in it being very chewy. After a little while, it was way too hard to even cut.

Rendezvous interior2RendezvousRendezvous interior

The ice cream and frozen yoghurt were both good. The banoffee ice cream definitely tasted of banana and it had swirls of toffee through it. The green kiwi frozen yoghurt was fairly refreshing but not too sharp.

Rendezvous do coffees, teas and hot chocolates. The latte was creamy and tasted good. The hot chocolate is quite rich. It’s nice that it is made from the liquid chocolate and not drinking chocolate powder like some places.

The staff and the service were nice and friendly. They let us take our time when we couldn’t decide on the flavours of ice cream to choose. The only thing that we were concerned about was the hygiene levels. One of the staff coughed and didn’t wash his hands before serving the food and drinks.

Rendezvous has quite a big outdoor seating area in Leicester Square. It also has the outdoor heaters to keep you warm on the cold days.

Rendezvous, 48 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 2LT

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  1. Housi says:

    Not satisfied! All cost 9.95, even a cafe with no sugar, no milk. Toiletts are extreme dirty, we have fotos. And on the door written: Wash your hands. Our comment: Check the toilet and leave as soon as possible.

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