South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge – Toulouse

At certain times of the year, the South West Bistrot Ramblas restaurant is closed and the same menu is served in the sister eatery of the South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge.

South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge had relaxing lounge chairs, big and small tables and bar stool tables. This place is not big but there are enough seats. Terrarium plants decorated the bar area enhancing the simple smart decor. This is a relaxed eatery and for something fun, there is table football at the entrance side.

The meal commenced with the Organic Vegetable Soup as a starter. The taste of the freshness of the vegetables came through. There was not a specific flavour of one vegetable. This orange soup was creamy but not heavy. The chopped nuts gave texture to the smooth soup. The portion was quite big. A warm sliced baguette accompanied the soup. The yeasty freshness of the bread was wonderful. The bread was soft with the classic crusty top. South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge had perfected the bread.

It was good to have a couple of side dishes for the main meal. These dishes came in silver pots and were served on a wooden board. The Vegetable Ratatouille was full of chunky vegetables. The onions, tender aubergines, peppers and courgettes were not in the traditional tomato sauce. This allowed the true taste of the vegetables shine through. It was a light dish.

The Creamy Risotto with old Parmesan cheese looked like rice pudding. Maybe it’s because I had dessert on my mind and was hoping that there would be enough space at the end of the meal for a sweet treat. It was nearly mentioned to the staff that they had served me dessert by accident.

In contrast to the ratatouille, the risotto was cheesy, creamy and rich. The risotto was oozing with the stringy cheese in a good way. The two side dishes worked well together with the bonus of the bread to soak up any sauces. The ratatouille cut through the richness of the risotto. After the two courses, there was no room to have dessert this time round.

South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge was quite quiet in regards to noise even though it had a fair few diners. The staff were so nice, polite and softly spoken. They really made you feel comfortable and were accommodating. It was easy to get the attention of the staff. Plenty of time was given between the courses, so the food could be properly enjoyed and savoured. The other diners were complimenting the staff on how good their meat and dessert dishes had been.

There is a section on the South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge which states the origins of all of the ingredients. The fruit and vegetables are from organic farming and the meats are from France and the EU. The suppliers for the meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables are all mentioned on the menu including the cheeses from the Xavier. If you are a cheese lover, then the Xavier shop by Marche Victor Hugo should not be missed. All of the details of the ingredients show that South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge prides itself on the quality and high standard of its homemade food. A thoroughly quality evening meal is what South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge provided.

South West Bistrot Ramblas Lounge, 84 Allees Jean Jaures, 31000 Toulouse

Rating: ★★★★☆

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