La Ruche de Bijenkorf – Utrecht

After a wonderful walk along the canal front, there was the hope of coming across an enticing cafe. But all the cafes that were come across looked small and busy. So it was decided just to head to the train station and see where the adventure would go. As luck had it, before getting to the station, La Ruche de Bijenkorf was spotted.

It was on the upper level of a department store. There was a big seating area with window seats as well. Tables with magazines made it a great place to relax with a hot drink. There were purple tulip sculptures that decorated the dining area.

La Ruche de Bijenkorf provided a good quality decaf coffee. A bonus was that it came with a little biscuit on the side. There was a square kitchen section where the sandwiches could be seen made fresh by the staff. There were a range of sandwiches, soups and cakes that were on offer. They looked enticing except that they were all open on display and uncovered.

This cafe did provide a chance to sit and revive in a relaxed atmosphere. It was a blessing to have stumbled across La Ruche de Bijenkorf before heading for more travels.

La Ruche de Bijenkorf, Lange Viestraat 1A, Utrecht

Rating: ★★★★☆

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