Tea Shops


A couple of Tea Shops have opened in the past few months in the area of Angel. One is in the quaint Camden Passage and the other is in the Angel Central centre.

Bluebird Tea Co are Tea Mixologists. You can find their shop in Camden Passage. Vast containers of all different types and flavours of tea are displayed inside their shop. Teas such as Rhubarb and Custard, Chocolate Digestives, Bears Like Marmalade, Carrot Cake are just a few of their tempting flavours.

MaiChai are teasmiths and are based in Angel Central shopping centre. They have over twenty different types of teas which they can blend. They have a great range of chai lattes including beetroot, tumeric and the classic chai. Iced teas such as refreshing white peach and cranberry and apple are also on their menu.

More details on both the tea shops can be found via the links



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