Van Speyk – Amsterdam

Van Speyk was extremely busy. It was lucky to be able to get a table quickly after initially being told that there was a 40 minute wait.

As there was only one vegetarian dish on the menu, it had to be the seasonal soup for the meal. The Asparagus Soup was presented in a little casserole pot. It came with a red checked napkin as did the cutlery. The soup portion looked small but it was filling and had a great taste. Van Speyk provided two brown rolls to accompany the soup. The rolls had crusty on top and soft inside.

For dessert, the Apple Tart was chosen. Sliced apples topped the lovely pastry and it was just sweet enough. The warm tart came with cream and ice cream.

Van Speyk had big chandeliers, brick exposed walls and wooden panels. There was a nice ambiance. The staff did give good service and were efficient in keeping the restaurant clean and tidy. The downfall happened towards the end of the meal. It felt like the staff were rushing me to finish and vacate. This is a shame as the meal was good at Van Speyk and it would have ended well if it had not felt rushed.

Van Speyk, Spuistraat 3a, 1012 SP Amsterdam

Rating: ★★★★☆

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