54 – Farringdon

What stands out from our dining experience at 54 was the absolutely fantastic service that we experienced. It felt like the staff really went out of their way. It is not very often that you feel so welcome in a restaurant.

54 had lots of dishes that took our fancy. For the starters, we had the classic prawn crackers. We were presented with a square bamboo basket of fresh prawn crackers that were still warm and crunchy.

The Roti Chanai was a lovely starter too. The flaky roti bread was already cut into triangles and came with a small dish of dhal. The dhal was fairly thick and went well with the bread.

The mushroom green curry was my choice of main dish but my only hesitation about it, was that I was not sure if it was going to be too spicy. Hence, I asked the waitress if I was able to try a little of the sauce before I ordered the dish.

The waitress was great as she brought out a little sample to taste. The same went for the fish soup; she let us taste it before we ordered.

The mushroom green curry was a mix of field mushrooms and green beans in a coconut curry sauce. It had a good flavour, not too strong and was fairly mild. It came with a portion of jasmine rice.

The other dish of chicken noodles made with shredded chicken, yellow egg noodles and vegetables was a satisfying choice. It had plenty of flavour and the whole dish was cooked well.

All of our food was of a generous size. You could tell that effort had also been put into the presentation of the dishes.

The waitress was so friendly and good with her suggestions on what to order. She advised us to try the different curries. Also, as I was concerned about the spiciness of the curry, she said that I could have some yoghurt to make it milder, if I needed it.

I love coconut water but not the sweetened versions. Coconut water was one of the drinks on the menu, so I had to try it. When I asked if it was fresh and natural, one of the staff came and gave me a complimentary one.

The drink was perfect: sweet coconut water with big chunks of coconut. I was given a little fork so that I would be able to eat the coconut.

54 had a lovely decor with wooden screens segmenting the dining areas. It also had an open kitchen. 54 had a wonderful relaxed, friendly atmosphere, great service and staff and all in all good food too.

54 Restaurant, 54 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3BL

Rating: ★★★★½

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