Aso Konditori & Bageri – Stockholm

An early Sunday morning in Stockholm gave us the chance to head to a recommended bakery for breakfast. Seen as it was the season for Semla, there was no doubt what we were going to have.

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Aso had a lovely selection of breads, pastries and cakes all on display. To the left of the entrance, we were able to see the bakery, where all the magic of the making of all the glorious goodies happened. There was seating opposite the counter area and also on the upper level.

Lots of coffees and teas were on offer but the idea of a chai to start the morning sounded ideal. A regular chai was going to be ordered but then the friendly staff said that they could do a chai latte if I preferred. So a soya chai latte it was. Honestly, Aso did one of the best chai lattes. Creamy and milky with the spice blends coming through.

Onto the Semla bun that complemented the chai latte. Fresh whipped cream and a hidden centre of almond paste was all encased in a soft cardamom bun with a lid. An amazing combination of flavours and textures. The almond layer was not too intense and tasted it a bit apple like. The cream, cardamom and almond worked so well together. Having the Semla with the chai latte, surprisingly it wasn’t an overload of the spices.

It would be an absolute delight to be back in Stockholm for Semla season and to indulge in such a wonderful treat.

Aso Konditori & Bageri, Asogaton 102, 11829 Stockholm

Rating: ★★★★★

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