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We went to this BFI cafe as our regular favourite BFI Riverfront cafe was closed on this particular morning. The decor looked very similar to Tibits on Regent Street:

Seen as Benugo Bar and Kitchen has been open for a lot longer, Tibits’ decor may have been inspired from this BFI cafe! Benugo is great as most of its seating is comfy sofas. This makes it an easy place to spend many hours! The area around the side of the bar is slightly dark and does not have much daylight.

As for drinks, I was happy that they served soya milk! The hot chocolate was quite rich and satisfying. The latte was also of a high quality. If you prefer the combination of coffee and chocolate, then definitely go for the mocha.

It was a good thing that we asked for our drinks to be served in take away cups instead of the normal mugs. The reason why I say this is because as we were being served, one of the customers came to the counter and asked for his drink to be changed because his supposedly clean mug had a lipstick mark on it.

BFI Benugo interior1BFI Benugo Bar and KitchenBFI Benugo interior2

The service was ok up to the point when it got to around lunchtime. We were then approached by one of the staff to ask if we were going to be ordering another drink. Bearing in mind that we had already had a couple of drinks each by then, we told her that we were not. She then said that it was getting to lunchtime service and we could not really just sit in the cafe area. The waitress cleared away our evidence of all the drinks that we had had, so it looked like we were just sitting there. We could slightly understand if the place was really busy but there were plenty of seats still available.

Benugo Bar and Kitchen has free Wi-Fi. This place does get very busy in the evenings as it is next door to the National Theatre and has a late closing.

BFI Benugo Bar & Kitchen, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London, SE1 8XT

Rating: ★★★☆☆
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