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As promised, we have reviewed this place again, after it had been refurbished. The new review can be found at

Below is our original review from August 2008.

A popular cafe for Londoners and tourists alike as it is just next door to the National Theatre. Great views of the river, relaxed atmosphere and also has outdoor wooden seating. All the hot drinks are good here especially the mocha and hot chocolate. Only downfall is that it doesn’t have soy milk.

Has a few comfy seats, otherwise there are the high chairs by the window. Food is freshly cooked and the burger and chips went down well! Great place to sip your hot drink and watch the world pass by!

BFI Riverfront Film Cafe, South Bank, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XT

Rating: ★★★★★
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  1. Christine says:

    On 30th March my friend and I decided to try the Riverfront. My chicken caesar salad contained about five tiny squares of chicken and four croutons. The lettuce was fresh but very wet, luckily the dressing was ok. My friend ordered the beef hotpot and declared the meat tough. The mashed potato could have been used to fill gaps in the paving outside the restaurant. She said the sauce was pleasant and the veg well cooked. Service was fine but unfortunately there were constant loud reminders over a tannoy of the films which were about to start in the BFI. We found it impossible to hold a conversation as it was worse than being in an airport lounge. We won’t be back.

  2. Dina says:

    It looks like we are going to have to go back to BFI Riverfront Cafe and review it again. We don't usually go back to establishments but it seems that this is a necessity for this particular place. From the above comments, it is clear that the standards have slipped and got worse.

    We have contacted BFI Riverfront Cafe to raise your issues with them and we are still waiting for a reply.

  3. Angelina says:

    The new look is great, shame about the food – completely disgusting.

    Ordered "Roast chicken and chips in a basket" and got four disgustingly watery, greasy and tasteless chicken nuggets and half cooked chips which they had the audacity to charge £8.50 for, and added service charge to.

    The service was lazy at best – trying to get someone's attention was nigh on impossible most of the time even though there were only about ten people dining. No one apologised for the food – though they replaced the chicken with a half cooked burger and half cooked chips. No one came to ask if the second lot of horrible food was any good. No one mentioned it when I (begrudgingly) paid the bill.

    So unimpressed.

  4. littlerich says:

    seems a bit strange that someone would spend time writing bad comments about allegged food poisoning but would not spend any time reporting it to the restaurant concerned. if it was genuine then this probably would have happened! the comment is obviously bogus! Sad really!!!

    [EDITED: by Lee]

  5. Maeve says:

    The place looks good now, but my crab sandwich and chips tasted of less than nothing, and gave me bad food poisoning. Not impressed at all

  6. Dina says:

    BFI Riverfront Film Cafe has been renovated! The restaurant dining area has been clearly separated from the bar area. It looks a lot cleaner and modern. They still have comfy seating!

    The huge wooden tables outdoors have been replaced with tables and chairs. They have enclosed this area with hedge like plants!

  7. lee says:

    The comfy seats are the best. You sit down and don’t want to get up, I very nearly fell asleep one time. They used to make really great hot chocolates, but they aren’t as good lately. The food is great though, they give you huge portions 😉

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