Café Knus – Malmö, Sweden

If dog friendly cafes are your thing and you just happen to be in Malmo Sweden, then you are going to want to visit Cafe Knus. Situated in the middle of Vastra Ronneholmsvagen between Tornskarsgatan and Edward Lindahlsgatan, a quiet scenic area with some interesting architecture. The cafe is run by a young couple who really like dogs.

Now being a dog friendly cafe I was expecting to be put off by the smell of damp fur and unhygienic seating areas, but the place was immaculate and the dogs were surprisingly well behaved (so were their owners!).

I had the veggie burger and salad and my friend had the bulgur salad. The meal was delicious. I’ve not had a veggie burger that good in a long time. The salad tasted like a wholesome salad too and not just a side dressing, which is usually my experience with veggie burger meals. We ended our meal with a coffee and a chat with the owners, who were absolutely adorable (I get to talk like this now because I’m in my 40’s). Hopefully I’ll get to go back to Sweden one day and visit them again.

Café Knus, Västra Rönneholmsvägen 53, 217 41 Malmö, Sweden.

Rating: ★★★★★

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