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Caribbean and Brazilian food is cuisine that I have never tried before. It always sounds interesting but think that I have shied away from it, thinking that it would be too spicy for me. So coming to dine at Coco Bamboo was exciting as I wasn’t sure what the food was going to be like.

The entrance goes into the bar area and then upstairs is the dining area. There is also a floor on the lower level and a rooftop area. It has pretty cool lighting with black net domes as the lightshades. There are palm trees, fairy lights and mirrors decorating the restaurant. Each table has pretty flowers, though on a closer look, these were artificial flowers.

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On Coco Bamboo’s menu, there were a couple of fish and chicken dishes that sounded nice. I asked the staff whether the meat and fish were fresh or had they been frozen. She herself did not know, but did go ask her colleague. The other staff member came and told me that some of the dishes are prepared in the morning and the meat dishes would be frozen. I appreciated the honesty of the staff. They were friendly and made sure that everything was okay with our meal.

It was a little concerning though when I had chosen the vegetarian option on the menu and then the staff said that she was not sure if they had any left. Luckily, after she checked, they did have that meal available.

The Veggie Bobo was a good dish full of sliced and chunky vegetables. It came with basmati rice.  Carrots, courgettes, aubergine and chocho were coated in the creamy cassava and coconut milk sauce. The aubergine slices were a little undercooked to my liking. The sauce was creamy but not too heavy. There was some spice flavour coming through as well.

Chocho was something new to me. I thought it was green pepper at first. Chocho has a light watery taste to it and I’m not sure if I was that taken by it.

The Brazilian Fish Moqueca that my friend had was a fish stew made with coconut milk, sweet pepper and tomato sauce. This came with basmati rice as well. There were good pieces of white fish in the stew and it made for a filling tasty meal.

Dessert consisted of a Mango and Coconut Creme Brulee and a Chocolate and Brazil Nut Terrine. The Creme Brulee had the classic caramelized top that gave a good snap when it was cracked. The coconut flavour was quite subtle. The mango puree was topped with the creamy rich layer.

The Chocolate and Brazil Nut Terrine was served as a slice with a scoop of spicy chocolate ice cream. It also was drizzled with some red fruit sauce. The ice cream definitely had some heat to it and the flavours worked well together.

It was a nice evening out at Coco Bamboo and it was good to try some new different flavours! It’s a shame that the food is not as fresh as it could be.

Coco Bamboo, 48 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AJ

Rating: ★★★½☆
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