Falco Lounge – Barnsley

Falco Lounge is over two levels. The ground floor area has more of a pub feel and low lighting. In contrast the upper level is full of natural light with the huge windows and spacious seating. Cosy sofas and a rainbow of wooden tables and chairs create this spacious area. The decor is so colourful with the bright wallpaper, lots of artwork and different lighting and lampshades. There is also outdoor seating.

The great thing about Falco Lounge is that it is such a relaxed eatery. The staff are absolutely wonderful, giving great friendly service yet not at all intrusive. They came and cleared the tables at just the right times and didn’t make us feel rushed. The food and drink needs to be ordered on the ground level at the bar. All of the food is fresh and tasty as are the drinks.

There is brunch which is served all day, lunch specials, soups, burgers, sandwiches, tapas, a variety of main dishes, flatbreads, cakes and puddings. Hence there is something large or small depending on how hungry you are. The drinks menu is extensive with teas, coffees, juices, soft drinks, milkshakes, beers, wines and cocktails. It took us a little while to decide what to have from the food menu as everything sounded delicious. There is a vegan menu as well.

Throughout the afternoon, a fair few hot drinks were had including hot chocolates, lattes, mochas and decaf Americanos with oat milk. All of the drinks were of a good size and the additional milk was provided on the side in a cute small jug.

The Veggie Breakfast consisted of a couple of crispy cheddar and sweetcorn fritter balls, hash browns, roasted tomatoes, baby mushrooms, cooked peppers and greens, a little bowl of baked beans and a slice of brown seeded toast. It was nice that this veggie breakfast had different items and vegetables compared to the usual veggie sausages. It also came with a fried egg but we asked for it without the egg.

The second brunch dish that went down well was the Smashed Avocado Brunch. The avocado was chopped into chunks as well as mashed with the edamame to make the guacamole. It was generously spread over the toasted ciabatta. On top of the guacamole, there was a chunky chipotle tomato salsa, a sprinkling of Aleppo chilli and a coriander and avocado Caesar dressing. A perfectly soft poached egg topped off the above items. A couple of big rashers of bacon were on the side of the ciabatta. There was a range of textures and flavours to this dish.

A lighter yet filling option was the lunchtime item of soup and panini. A mug of thick carrot and coriander soup came with a half a panini. The panini was filled with oozy mozzarella cheese, sliced tomato, roasted red pepper sauce, basil pesto and rocket. The combination of the cheese with the dressings and the vegetables was so moreish. It was good that the cheese had not been overloaded as it let the other flavours of the fillings come through. The thick soup was just the right accompaniment and again packed in a lot of taste.

The Lebanese Falafel Flatbread was thoroughly enjoyable and enticing with the contrasting colours of the toppings. The flatbread had a creamy layer of hummus, then a scattering of the pink pickled red onion slices, tomato and red pepper salsa and big falafel pieces. Jewels of pomegranate seeds gave the additional crunch. The different textures and flavours went well together.

Fries were had all round to complete the meal. These were not too thin and not too thick. They had the right level of crispiness. All of the dishes were filling and satisfying. The range of flavours and items in each dish complemented each other.

Falco Lounge offers something for everyone in its food, drink and also with the atmosphere it creates. It is a wonderful place to come to whether for a drink, a quick bite to eat or a long catch up with friends and family.

Rating: ★★★★★

Falco Lounge, 3 The Glass Works, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 1GW

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