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Sometimes all you need is the classic burger and chips, and who better to share such an evening with, than with the family. Fine Burger Co is decorated with bright orange and white and light spheres hanging from the ceiling. The dining area feels quite spacious and clean. The seating is plastic chairs and wooden tables. There is cushioned seating along one of the walls. In addition, there are also some tables on the outside of the restaurant.

Fine Burger Co has some tables with a computer screen displaying various offers. You can place your order from these screens. A little fore warning about the offers displayed though. On the night that we were there, there was an offer on the dessert. When we enquired about this particular offer, the waitress told us that they knew nothing about the offer and hence they could not offer it.

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A couple of starter dishes were chosen. These were the chicken strips and the fried baby squid. The chicken strips were great. The chicken was tender and not greasy. The baby squid on the other hand was slightly disappointing. The squid was extremely chewy. Both starters came with dips.

As I fancied something on the smaller side, I chose the kids meal. This consisted of a burger, fries, salad and ice cream. The kids chicken burger had three very small strips of chargrilled chicken breast. The chicken only filled half of the bread roll. Even though it was a smaller burger, there should have been more filling in it. The bread roll was soft and fresh.

The salad that came with the meal was cucumber strips, tomato and carrot sticks. All of the vegetables were stale and dried out. The salad was left untouched.

The meal was supposed to come with skinny fries but I asked if this could be changed to the hand cut chips. At first, the waitress wasn’t sure if this was possible. After asking her supervisor, they said that they could do this. The hand cut chips were more like potato wedges with nice crispy skins.

The dessert was a scoop of strawberry ice cream. The ice cream was nice enough.

The staff were friendly and gave good service. One of the issues that we had though was that the offers displayed should have been honoured.

Fine Burger Co also serves a good range of milkshakes. These were tempting and if I had the room for it, I would have definitely have tried one.

Fine Burger Co, 1st Floor, O2 Centre, 255 Finchley Road, London, NW3 6LU

Rating: ★★½☆☆
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  1. Mzungu says:

    Sounds like what I’ve heard from everyone whose eaten at FBC. It’s the reason I’ve stayed away.

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