Hisar – East Dulwich


A very reasonably priced Turkish restaurant in the centre of East Dulwich. I always like to start with the Hisar Mantar: fried breadcrumbed mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise. This goes well with the yogurt, cucumber and mint starter. The Patlican Salata had a nice taste with the flavours of the aubergine, peppers, tomatoes complemented by the garlic, lemon, mint and dill dressing.

The mixed grill main dish never disappoints. The chicken, lamb, kofte and lamb cutlets are always cooked perfectly and have the right tenderness. The portion size is good and this dish is very satisfying.

Its hard to resist the baklava dessert with its layers of puff pastry, nuts and sweet syrup. The mint tea is a good drink to finish off the meal, although the coffees are also good too.

The service is always really great here and it is nice that the kitchen is an open one so you can see the food being cooked on the charcoal grill as well. You never feel rushed at Hisar and can take your time savouring the food.

Hisar, 51 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London, SE22 8EP

Rating: ★★★½☆
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