Il Pezzo di Giuseppe – Madrid

Il Pezzo di Giuseppe was situated in a lively part of Madrid with the area having a good atmosphere in the evening. This restaurant had outdoor seating in the plaza. The interior was decorated with quirky ornaments and quotes as wall plaques. The staff were okay.

The Verdure pizza was way too cheesy. It had an overload of the mozzarella cheese to the point where the thick cheese had to be scraped off. This then left an unappetizing soggy greasy base. The menu at Il Pezzo di Giuseppe stated that the pizza was to have tomato, zucchini, green peppers and eggplant. There were hardly any vegetables on the pizza. The base was too thin and the tomato sauce was sparse.

Il Pezzo di Giuseppe was disappointing. But we dined here as it had been a long day and we were hungry. So any food ended up being better than none.

Il Pezzo di Giuseppe, Plaza Santa Ana, 5, Madrid 28012

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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