Konoba Varos – Split, Croatia

Konoba Varos has to be my favourite restaurant that we went to on our Croatia trip. Again, it was tucked away on one of the back streets but this didn’t mean that it was any less busy. Actually on both occasions, we were lucky to get a table as we hadn’t prebooked.

Konoba Varos had a really quirky interior with a fish theme. There were fishing nets decorating the ceiling and various fish and shellfish hanging in the nets. The restaurant had several sections to it.

We were given a huge square table and thought that it was way too big for our group. What we didn’t realise was that our meal would be quite an orchestrated event.

One of my friends ordered fish. Three fish on a plate were brought out to her and she was given the choice of which one she wanted. When the fish had been cooked, the waiter kindly prepared the cooked fish for her at the table.

Before the food was brought out, a few food warmers (with the tealights) were put on the table. The waiter then brought out our plates and let them warm up on the food warmers.

We were served with a couple of baskets of bread. The bread was nice and fresh. The bread selection was brown, rye, white and corn.

Once all the food was ready, our plates were given to us and all the dishes were put on the warmers. At this point, we were grateful for the big table. The waiter was really attentive and friendly.

On the first occasion, I had the tomato soup and a side of boiled vegetables. The tomato soup had rice in it and it was a smooth tasty soup. The boiled vegetables were carrots and courgettes.

The next meal that I had at Konoba Varos was spaghetti in tomato sauce. It was supposed to come with ham but I asked for it without. The spaghetti was a fairly big portion and quite tasty.

On our second evening meal at this restaurant, we ordered a few portions of the chargrilled vegetables. Instead of giving us lots of individual portions, we were given one huge platter of hot steaming vegetables. These went down a treat: big slices of aubergine, peppers, courgettes, carrots and mushrooms.

Some of the other dishes were also ordered more than once, and again, these were brought out as one big portion. This meant that we could just help ourselves and share the food out.

Dining at Konoba Varos was an absolute pleasure. We received faultless service and fantastic food. Service with a smile and a great relaxed atmosphere. Just perfect for a meal out with friends.

Konoba Varos, Ban Vladenova 7, Split, Croatia

Rating: ★★★★★

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