Lille Opera Brasserie – Lille

Arriving early at Lille Opera Brasserie, the staff did not turn me away. Instead a seat was given at the bar until the table was ready.

Instantly, there was something special about this place. Lille Opera Brasserie had a lively buzz to its atmosphere. At the back, a vibrant green walled courtyard could be seen. The indoor dining area was made of teal seats and black tables. The bar was near the entrance. Music gently played in the background with current remixed songs.

The staff were really friendly and softly spoken. They were happy to make suggestions about the menu. An option was given to have a main course as a starter portion. This worked well for me as then there would be room for dessert.

Brouillade d’oeufs Truffee was chosen. To accompany it, wok fried seasonal vegetables was had. Lille Opera Brasserie presented speckled scrambled eggs with plenty of truffle running through it and Parmesan shavings. The wonderful flavour of the truffle went well with the soft and pillowy eggs.

A rainbow of vegetables made up the side dish. Courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes, baby corn, carrots, green cauliflower, broccoli, mange tout and onions were cooked tenderly. It was a big portion and fresh tasting. Some small bread rolls, soft and fresh, were also given. The bread selection included seeded brown and white rolls.

Lille Opera Brasserie’s dessert menu was full of variety from melon soup, fruit tarts, tiramisu to fresh fruits with creme and crepes. After some narrowing down, the Tarte a la Myrtille was ordered. Although the Tiramisu au Speculoos was tempting, something more biscuit based was more to my liking this evening.

The tart was surprisingly light with its creamy blueberry filling and plenty of blueberries and other berries topping it. It was sweet enough and there was the right balance of textures too.

Lille Opera Brasserie provided such a quality meal. It was a delight to both the taste and sight senses.

Lille Opera Brasserie, 32 rue Lepelletier, 59800 Vieux Lille, Lille

Rating: ★★★★★

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