Monsieur Georges – Toulouse

Although Monsieur Georges is situated in Place St Georges, it is secluded from the main square with plants and vegetation. The outdoor seating by the entrance initially looks fairly small but then there is additional seating over the grass way. This is a big area which is covered with parasols. The seating area is sectioned off with plants between the adjacent eatery. Pale green and yellow is the theme for the outdoor furniture. Cutlery and napkins are already placed on the tables in the signature M.Georges tin. The wooden tables are etched with M.Georges. The restaurant also has seating indoors.

A lively and happy atmosphere is provided by Monsieur Georges for dinner. Many people are dining out taking in the warm evening. The restaurant filled up quickly once it had opened for the evening service. The staff are friendly and give you time to relax once at the table. They come and take your order once you have settled. It is quite lovely to be surrounded by the oasis of the greenery and flowers.

Only tapas is served for the evening menu. Sliced baguette pieces are given in a metal bucket. Hot water is provided in small silver teapots and the cup is already on the table. The two dishes of Gnocchi Poeles au Beurre and Brochette de Legumes Grilles made for a complete meal. The Brochette de Legumes Grilled were vegetable skewers. Thickly sliced aubergine, baby whole peppers, courgettes and mushrooms were drizzled with pesto. The vegetables were not overdone and still had a bite to them. There was a fair bit of oil coming from the grilled vegetables. The pesto didn’t do much to the flavour of the dish. It just contributed to the oil. As the peppers still had their stalks on, they were full of the seeds. It would have been better if the peppers had been sliced and hence with no seeds.

The Gnocchi Poeles au Beurre was wonderful. The gnocchi had a creamy texture. The concertina ridges made the gnocchi crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. A shaving of cheese and a sprinkle of herbs added to the buttery goodness of the gnocchi. This dish was so much better than fries. It was great that it was a big portion as it was very moreish.

The tapas at Monsieur Georges made for a light meal. It was much needed after a day of indulging on pastries and bread from Marche Victor Hugo and artisan ice cream from Glaces Moustache by the Garonne river.

Monsieur Georges, 20 Place Saint-Georges, 31000 Toulouse

Rating: ★★★½☆

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