Mori- Marylebone

A tea house on Marylebone High Street is what Mori is. They have the counter/shop at the front and at the back is the seated cafe area. It has a light and airy feel and the cafe area is made up of beige furniture.

Mori’s Tea House has a great range of different teas as well as coffees. The teas include power tea, lemon and ginger, slimming, fresh mint, afternoon, cleansing, relaxing and white tea.

A pot of cleansing tea was our tea of choice. This contained spearmint. I was expecting the flavour of the spearmint to be too strong, so was pleasantly surprised that it was fairly light. It was an enjoyable tea. The tea was presented in a red teapot and came with a cute metallic tea cup.

Mori also does a selection of food including curries, sushi, noodles, salad boxes and frozen yoghurt.

Mori, 14 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 4NT

Rating: ★★★★☆
Mori Sushi Marylebone High Street

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  1. London Lady says:

    The tea sounds like a great stop when out hitting the stores in this neighborhood. And with frozen yoghurt on the menu, Im in

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