Petrus – Stockholm

Following the scent of freshly baked bread from down the street, leads you to the lovely Petrus. The bakery may be small but it has plenty of good looking bread loaves, buns, sandwiches and traditional Swedish produce.

Wooden shelves are adorned with a variety of loaves. The counter shelves have all their breads in organised rows and it all looks so structured. The breads have different markings and grooves to distinguish between the varieties.

It was a difficult choice to figure out which of the products at Petrus to try. The Brioche is buttery, soft and not at all heavy. The Kanelbulle was sticky, really fresh and crisp in all the right places. Interesting flavours came through, not just of the cinnamon but also hints of cardamom. The crunchy sugar crystals that topped the Kanelbulle made it even more delicious.

Cups and saucers were given to help ourselves to the tea and coffee from the flasks at the side of the counter. The Earl Grey tea came in a hand tied tea bag. A refreshing cup of tea to go with a tasty baked bun.

Petrus is understandably a busy and popular bakery. The seating area is fairly small but there is some outdoor seating as well. It is interesting to watch through the glass window, the bakers putting the various trays and preparing the baked goods.

Petrus is a wonderful art gallery of artisan bread and buns. It oozes quality, flavour and makes for a lovely place for the Swedish Fika.

Petrus, Swedenborgsgatan 4b, 11848 Stockholm

Rating: ★★★★★

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