Pu’s Brasserie – Holborn

Down a small side street off Lincoln Inn’s Field is this wonderful Thai restaurant. Pu’s Brasserie is a small, cosy, intimate kind of a restaurant. It doesn’t have a huge dining area so it would be better to make a reservation to guarantee a table. The restaurant looked bigger due to a huge wall mirror.

For the starter, the paper rice baby corn was chosen. These were whole baby corn wrapped in a crispy pastry. It was a nice alternative to regular spring rolls.

As it had been a while since I’d had Pad Thai, it didn’t take me long to decide that that would be my main dish. When I asked the waitress if it came with extra vegetables, I was told that it really only had beansprouts. So, I requested extra vegetables in my Pad Thai.

This Pad Thai had the perfect balanced sweet and tangy flavour. The noodles were soft and the vegetables crunchy: a great combination.

As it was a cold day, a hot drink was needed. The jasmine tea was served by the pot and when it had nearly finished, the waitress asked if I wanted to have it refilled with hot water. It’s not often that the staff suggest refilling pots of tea.

The staff were really friendly and efficient. Pu’s Brasserie had a relaxed atmosphere. There was attention to detail such as the menu’s being on wooden boards. The dessert menu was presented in a small wooden case.

Pu’s Brasserie, 10 Gate Street, Holborn, London, WC2A 3HP

Rating: ★★★★★
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