Shanti – Stockholm (Sodermalm)

Sodermalm is a lively and quirky area of Stockholm, but it’s nice that Shanti is located in the quieter part of this island. Saying that, it is only a short walk from the centre area of Sodermalm.

It was another hot day so we decided to dine outdoors. Hence, I’m not sure what the inside of this restaurant was like, although it seemed to look like it had interesting decor and a turquoise colour theme.

Shanti did provide us with an English menu, but we’re not sure how much we trusted it. The first thing that we noticed was that there were nearly double the amount of items on the Swedish menu in comparison to the English one.

Also, when we asked for one of the dishes on the English menu (the Masala Dosa), the waiter looked at us blankly. He went indoors to ask what this dish was and if they served it. We were then told that that item was not available. Luckily, my friend was on hand to translate the Swedish menu for us, so that was very handy.

The vegetarian thali was the meal for the evening and it had everything to make it a filling dinner. It was made up of the following dishes: samosa, cabbage and vegetable roll, poori (small fried bread), vegetable curry, spinach curry, rice, pickle, chutney and salad. The portions were of a hefty size and if that was not filling enough, it also came with a naan bread.

Both of the curries had good strong flavours and were also mild enough. The vegetable curry was made of courgettes, broccoli, carrots and peas. There was so much food in the vegetarian thali; even though it was really tasty, I couldn’t finish it all.

The staff were friendly but the service could be a little slow at times. The outdoor dining area was quite large and there were mostly metal chairs and tables. I liked it that Shanti provided blankets for the outdoor seating so you could cosy up once the temperature started to drop.

If you’re looking for a good hearty meal after a day of walking around and travelling, then Shanti is definitely the place to go.

Shanti, Sodermalmsallen 34, Sodermalm, 11828, Stockholm

Rating: ★★★★☆

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