Sprinkles Gelato – Finchley Road

Even though it was fairly early on in the day, when friends got together, ice cream was on the agenda. Sprinkles Gelato looks like an American diner with its red cushioned booths.

What struck us the most was the lovely aroma of waffles that was filling the whole of the cafe. On the menu, there were some breakfast items but who wants them when freshly made waffles and crepes can be had.

It took us a while to decide exactly which waffles to have; chocolate, Nutella, strawberries, Oreos, made the decision even harder. What we didn’t anticipate was the size of the waffles at Sprinkles Gelato. Each waffle was freshly cooked and hence it took a little longer for us to be served. But it was well worth the wait.

Soft, warm waffles with the signature SG Sprinkles Gelato stamp was presented to us. The Strawberry Creation waffle had toppings of chopped strawberries and chocolate sauce. The other waffle of Nutella and Cookie was topped with crushed Oreo cookies, sliced banana and Nutella spread. All the waffles came with the most delicious soft vanilla ice cream. The waffles, toppings and ice cream were dessert heaven.

For drinks, Sprinkles Gelato do coffees, teas and milkshakes. The Ahmad Mango Magic tea was wonderful with its delicate mango flavour. It was great that it could be served with hot soya milk on the side.

The staff gave friendly service. The place was kept clean and tidy. When asked about the fruit, it was good to know that the fruit had been washed when prepared for the waffle toppings.

Sprinkles Gelato has a big range of gelatos in their counter. While we were there, many people were coming in for their takeaway gelatos. It seems like it would also be a busy place in the evenings when sweet treats are wanted.

Sprinkles Gelato, 4-6 Northways Parade, Finchley Road, London, NW3 5EN

Rating: ★★★★☆
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