Teaopia – Mississauga, Canada


Usually, I don’t review take away coffee/tea shops. But I was so impressed with Teaopia, that I felt that it deserved to be reviewed!

Teaopia is a tea shop with a section that sells take away teas. They had a range of teas and I was interested by the tea cocktails. These were hot drinks and came in just one size. The regular size drink was like a medium sized drink from most other tea shops!

The staff were friendly and took their time in explaining which teas had syrups added to them. They also went through the ingredients for the various cocktails!

The green tea latte was absolutely perfect. I could have it made with soya milk which was even better. There was no syrup in this drink; it was purely brewed green tea and hot steamed soya milk.

The other drink that we had was the chai. Again, we were impressed with the flavours of the tea. We could tell that the tea had been brewed from fresh tea leaves and not from tea bags. The chai had a good spicy flavour!

It is a shame that there was not a sit down area in Teaopia to enjoy the hot drinks. It was tempting to buy a lot of the tea leaves to take home! One thing that we did buy though was their wild clover honey. It was pure honey and we could definitely taste its high quality!

Teaopia, Square One Shopping Centre, 100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 2C9

Rating: ★★★★★
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