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Tex-Mex Experience was discovered when we were trying to escape from a very rainy evening in Fulham! Initially, we went into the Fulham Broadway shopping centre to take shelter from the rain and then realised that there were restaurants in the building. Another enlightenment was the fact that it was actually time for dinner and once seeing the restaurants, hunger seemed to appear!

This Tex-Mex restaurant had a quirky red and lime green decor including Mexican hats along shelves and great ornamental artwork on the walls. There is the bar at one end and the restaurant dining area at the other.

The breaded mushrooms were filled with Mexican cheese and garlic and were served with some salad. I chose the rice and beans to make it into a main meal. It was all very tasty and the flavours worked well together.  The mushrooms were not greasy and I was pleased that they were not overfilled with cheese!

I’m not sure what type the beans were! They were in a tomato based sauce. When we asked two different staff what type of beans they were, we were given two different answers! One said that they were pinto beans and the other said that they were Mexican beans! Whatever they were called, they were good!

The vegetarian chimichanga was a soft tortilla filled with lots of vegetables and topped with cheese. It was a generous portion as it came with rice and beans as well. A great choice for a satisfying meal!

The mango juice was very nice; quite a big glass of it! It wasn’t pure mango juice, more of a carton drink, but that was fine. There were also a tempting range of non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu!

The service was good and the staff were friendly. Even though the restaurant got busier towards the end of our meal, we were not rushed and could easily have spent a lot of time sitting there. At the end of the meal, one of the waitresses brought us the wrong bill. When we raised the issue with another waiter, he swiftly replaced it with the correct bill. As we were leaving Tex-Mex Experience, the waitress apologised to us about the mistake.

Tex-Mex Experience has daily offers on drinks and food! This makes it an even more appealing place to go for dinner!

Tex-Mex Experience, Unit 2, Fulham Broadway Retail Centre, London, SW6 1BW

Rating: ★★★★☆
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