Zupperia – Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a beautiful and charming city and is known as “The Gateway to the Fjords of Norway”! The old wharf of Bergen called Bryggen has a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Opposite the well known fish market on the harbour, is where Zupperia is located.

On the evening that we went to dine at Zupperia, the outdoor seating area was jam packed with diners. We assumed that the restaurant was probably just as busy inside and weren’t sure if there would be availability. Our plan B was to venture to another one of the four branches of Zupperia if this one was full.

Luck was on our side and we only waited for a few minutes in the bar area before we were taken to a table towards the back of the restaurant. This area was like an alcove with the red brick exposed and soft lighting. It gave a really nice ambience.

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As its name suggests, Zupperia is known for its traditional and international soups. But we opted to go straight for the main course. Whilst deciding on what to have, the waitress brought us a basket of seeded brown baguettes and butter. The bread was fresh and it filled our hunger holes.

There were a few vegetarian dishes but the ones that took my interest were stated as spicy. The staff were really helpful and accommodating when I asked if one of the fish main dishes could be made as a vegetarian meal.

The Teriyaki Laks was the one that was chosen. This was supposed to be a salmon teriyaki with rice. Instead, the salmon was omitted and a plate full of vegetables in the teriyaki sauce was served. The portion was huge and all of us with our mains in front of us had wished that we had saved our appetites and not munched away on the bread. As an afterthought, we could have shared a couple of dishes but at least this way, we all got to try different things.

A good selection of vegetables including carrots, courgettes, peppers, mange tout, red onion and mushroom were coated in the dark sauce and garnished with sesame seeds and coriander. The teriyaki sauce had a sweet yet not too salty flavour and the rice soaked up the flavours well.

Both of the seafood dishes that the friends had were equally tasty and went down a treat. The Herb Baked Monkfish was local monkfish in a mussel and white wine sauce. This came with new potatoes and vegetables. The other dish was Woket Scampi made with chilli and garlic langoustine in a creamy sauce. This was served with rice and even though it had chilli, it was not spicy.

On another day, after a day trip exploring the Norwegian Fjords, we did try the branch of Zupperia by the train station. The food was just as good but the restaurant was lacking the atmosphere of the Torget restaurant.

After the wonderful meal at the original Zupperia and with our tummies all full, it had become quite late into the evening. The sun was only just setting as we walked along the harbourside by the Hanseatic wharf. A beautiful end to a wonderful day in Bergen.

Zupperia, Torget 13, 5014 Bergen, Norway

Rating: ★★★★★

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